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Mark Shurey is one of a growing number of Spanish guitar players to combine both classical and flamenco guitar in his repertoire. After studying classical guitar for many years he was forced to relearn the guitar from a flamenco perspective. Mark later used his knowledge of flamenco technique to enhance his classical playing. "The flamenco players have right hand techniques in arpeggios, thumb work and rhythm that surpass anything in classical guitar. It seems nonsense to me to ignore these techniques just because they come from the flamenco tradition."

Flamenco is a form of Spanish folk music with a strong gypsy influence from Andalucia. It is characterized by a style of singing with Arabic, gypsy and Jewish influences, hand clapping (palmas) for rhythm, and a very percussive guitar accompaniment. Flamenco dancing is also highly rhythmical and strongly influenced to the guitar music.

"I was amazed at how the flamenco players could get so many sounds and rhythms out to the guitar and was moved by the freedom of expression and improvisation that they had." Mark spent 10 years in Spain meeting and studying with different players, spending time with gypsy musicians, studying with flamenco dancers in the Zambras of Granada and experiencing Flamenco in its home environment. He was featured in 2011 in 'Der Spiegel' (See the translation in English here)

Mark has given many talks on the history of flamenco guitar and been invited to give master classes to classical players. His main interest is to demonstrate how flamenco technique can be used in classical guitar to be rhythmically more accurate and increase the range of technical possibilities within the classical repertoire.

Sample Flamenco repertoire

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